Lake Jackson, Texas

Client Spotlight: Ashley | Lake Jackson, Texas Photos

"Do it. You never know what you could get out of it. The possibilities are endless."



Working with Ashley was a whole new ball game for me! She was pretty persistent that she couldn't look good on camera, so I was nervous as heck for her Reveal session- turns out I proved her wrong!! 


What is your name & how old are you?: Ashley, 28

What motivated you to pursue a boudoir shoot right now?: I needed some self love! BADLY. Prime opportunity to embrace what is mine & learn to love it all. Every battle scar, angel kiss, and tiger stripe included.

Heading into a boudoir shoot, what were your concerns?: Embracing sexy. I was scared shitless. I wasn't comfortable in my own skin and had the hardest time embracing sexy. I can do goofy and I can be serious and shy. But sexy? That was tough for me. I felt like I would fail at being sexy. Constant judgement and ridicule from childhood into adult years weighs more than one could imagine.

One a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being most confident) how would you rate how you felt about your body pre-shoot? What would you rate it now? : Wow, pre-shoot I felt like it was probably a 4. Growing up a size 0 and then having my daughter at size 16 has been an adjustment. Never bounced back and even though it's been nearly 9 years since I've had her, my mind still thinks I'm thin but the mirror shows something else. To me it was not beautiful in any way. However, Ashlee showcased me in all my beauty and I got the self love I needed. Since my reveal session, seeing me in photos and actually liking them, I'd say I'm probably a 7 now. Still working on self love, but I'm feeling much happier now.


What excited you the most about doing a boudoir shoot?: I love the fact she wanted to EMBRACE and SHOWCASE my freckles. My entire childhood was centered around being "pizza face" and constantly ridiculed for not having smooth flawless tanned skin. I had a session with a different photographer earlier this same year and she actually edited out ALL of my freckles in my photos. I felt completely humiliated. Once again felt like I was being picked on for my freckles and they are viewed as a flaw. Ashlee wanted to allow my freckles to shine in the beauty that they are just within themselves. The fact that she was fully accepting me for me without even knowing me, excited me. I knew I could learn some self love from her. She wasn't going to just take pictures of me. This was much more to me. I got a life lesson from it.

What was your favorite part about the entire experience?: Favorite? Probably the fact that during my reveal session I learned a valueable tool needed in life. Again, self love. What greater thing could I ask for in return? It is life long. Ashlee not only made the entire process professional and comfortable, she connects with you and does everything possible to make sure she captures those moments of glory.

Do you have any advice for other women who may be interested in their own photoshoot?: Do it. You never know what you could get out of it. The possibilities are endless.


How did you like working with Ashlee and Robin? : I loved working with them! They're funny, kind, uplifting, professional, & loving!

Once you saw the images from your shoot, what was your reaction? : Well, before I answer that let me just say that as I sat down in the chair getting ready to see the images... I started the literally feel sick to my stomach. I was exceptionally nervous. Barely talking I was getting red eyed and was ready to cry. I was scared. I had my best friend with me there to view them with me for emotional support and of course Ashlee was there, too. I just kept taking drinks from my fall themed soda to choke back the tears. I was on the verge of pouring my tearful emotions onto her floor. Anxiety through the roof and nerves not calming... I clicked play. For the most part I stayed quiet through the entire slideshow , afraid and anticipating what was to come next. Smiling from time to time, an occasional "oh I actually like that one." It ended and the only thing I could say was "I'm pleasantly surprised." Now to some that may seem like a lowball comment to make. To me, it weighed so much more. I was shocked. It was all sinking in. That very moment I thought, "holy crap." I am beautiful. I really am. Oh my gosh, now I'm crying typing this. Ashlee, I hope you understand, really, that when I said "I'm pleasantly surprised" that I truly on the inside was processing everything. All my wheels were turning and my self image was literally changing before your eyes. I will be forever grateful to you for that. Thank you.