Lake Jackson, Texas

Go With Your Gut - Stop Thinking and Start Feeling | Boudoir Lake Jackson Brazoria County Tx


Are you a thinker? Do you turn things over in your mind over and over till all the fun is gone? Try honing in on your feelings instead. Your body is an amazing reflection of what’s going on in your subconscious; beneath all your logic and all your reasoning is your gut. That’s where the answers lie. We all know this - we hesitate when necessary and we jump in when we truly want to. Except that sometimes we just get to thinking too much and change our minds which, sometimes, leads to regret. I’m not saying be impulsive, I’m saying give your whole body a chance to weigh in on your decision-making process.

My favorite example is how you feel when considering a boudoir shoot - your default thinking and thinking may lead you down many roads, but your gut will always get you in front of the camera. You know your gut and your heart want you to do it - go for it. Your brain will catch up later!