Lake Jackson, Texas

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I've just spent the most amazing week in Joshua Tree, CA! I absolutely loved seeing the L.A. area from the sky!


I traveled to California for the first annual Heck Yeah Photo Camp photography conference, which had an amazing lineup of some of the most talented (and dare I say hipster) photographers out there:  Ben Sasso, Jonas Peterson, Sam Hurd, Dylan + Sara, Benj Haisch, Parker Fitzgerald, Lara Jade, and Gabe McClintock!

Wowzers!! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the presenters tell us their stories and how they climbed to the top of the totem pole.

I laughed, I cried, and my ass hurt like hell in the chairs that were provided...

I also met some other amazing photographers, including Texas-locals Jackie Willome and Christy Lea


I just HAD to visit the Joshua Tree National Park while I was there...


Check out this sunset scenery! This is only 5 minutes into the park. I had to go back the next day to fully explore and adventure.If you're ever that way, I definitely recommend checking it out in-person!


You wouldn't believe how freaking BEAUTIFUL a DESERT can be! I'm talking EPIC landscapes, here! 


I also played around with long exposures at night... 

Special thanks to  Twyla  for helping me out with this image!

Special thanks to Twyla for helping me out with this image!

And then we have the epic stuff. HellO!!!

Click to view full images!

special thanks to Jonas Peterson for everything - and introducing me to Highaskite