Lake Jackson, Texas

Setting the Mood at Your Boudoir Session | Lake Jackson, Texas

A boudoir session has a life of its own. The anticipation of the session, your arrival, once your slip on your first outfit…. can you feel the energy building just thinking about it?


Props, themes, knowing what type of session you want - all of these are important for a successful session. Here’s something you may not have thought of: a key component of your session is music - yes, music!

Nothing sets the mood better than your favorite playlist. When filling out your questionnaire, there will be an option to provide me with up to 10 artists or songs that you love. Are you bringing some leather and tough-girl-styled clothes and jewelry? Make sure to choose a rockin’ playlist. Plan on doing a soft, feminine and romantic set? Tell me your favorite smooth jazz or r&b.

Ask yourself this: What mood do you want to be in? (playful? seductive? sensual?) and What kind of music gets you there? (dance? Jazz? alternative?)

Experience your session with ALL your senses. Indulge.