Lake Jackson, Texas

Victoria's Boudoir Experience | Lake Jackson, TX Photography

Ladies , thank you so much for letting my Vixen out. You totally reminded me that I am a powerful woman that can be beautiful on the outside. Thank you for reminding me what I can be and how I am strong no matter what I am or am not wearing.
— Miss V.

Victoria was an absolute blast to photograph. She booked her session as a wedding gift for her fiance, but in the end, she practically skipped out of the studio with confidence! I hope to see her again one day very soon! 


What is your name? How old are you? Career?
Victoria, 30, Phlebotomist/Medical Assistant

What made you decide to book a session?
A friend added me to the VIP group and I met Ashlee and other fellow strong women, and when I won a contest for a photoshoot I decided to jump all in!

Did you have any fears about your shoot?
Fears, everyone has fears. My fears was not being pretty enough and not skinny enough to look good. I feared my anxiety would keep me from letting go to let out my inner vixen. 

Was the experience different than you expected? 
It was different. 

What was your favorite part about the entire experience?
My favorite part was me letting go, and letting the music get me and the photographer capturing moments I did not plan.

How did you feel when you saw your photos?
I was in total shock. Her eye for the poses and the way my makeup and hair looked felt unreal.

Do you have any advice for other women who may be interested in their own photoshoot?
My advice will be... remember how when we were little and everyone wanted to be a princess? Well, as a woman we all want to be seen as beautiful... even better, a sexy woman. These types of pictures will open your eyes to who your inner woman is. We all want to be seen in a way that no one has ever seen before. DO it for you. There will always be that day in your head, DO it for you. 

Did anything change about the way your see your own beauty as a result of your session?
Yes, I remember what it feels like to be strong and my inner beauty is always there.

How did you like working with Ashlee & Robin?
Ashlee has an eye for photography and the way she guided me to pose I was very impressed with. Robin, where do I begin? She did a wonderful job and her vision of makeup is amazing. I'm so grateful for what she did for me.