Lake Jackson, Texas

Introducing Embrace Boudoir's 2017 Ambassadors

I set out to find 3 women in the community who have a great personal story to share with the world and gift them with complimentary sessions. I had SO many wonderful applicants, and it was really hard to choose, so I ultimately ended up picking 4 women instead! Here they are, and here's what they have to say... 


Photo by Kaylin Booker

Photo by Kaylin Booker

"The human body is amazing. Partially the female form. We can grow tiny humans and push them out of a ridiculously tiny whole! My body is strong enough to get me through the day raising two children and three dogs with Lupus, RA, and Fibromyalgia. It's beautiful. I want to do boudoir to show my girls that beautiful woman come in all shapes and sizes and that your body can be beautiful at every stage on your life's journey. True beauty radiates from the inside."


"It's taken me almost 30 years of self hate and harm to learn that My body is worthy of love. Through out the years I have hated my body for multiple reasons.... whether it was my peers telling me my hips were too big... or the media showing me that my tummy was never flat enough.... or doctors telling me I would never be a mom. Last year I caught my daughter (turns out the expectations doctors I went to were wrong) looking in the mirror and asking why her skin wasn't as light as mine. In that moment I realized that I could not teach her to love her body if I did not love mine. So I got to work I relinquished any self hate and decided I'm worthy of admiration, love, and respect. I decided that the number on the scale does not define MY Sexy or MY Fierceness. The way I treat my body is what defines those things, so I CHOOSE to treat my body with admiration, love, and respect everyday."


"I'm a mom of two kids ages 2 and 4. I also work full time and go to college too! As you all know having kids can make some changes in your body. After having two kids I have gained 30 lbs and started to see myself differently. I always get told that I am beautiful now even more than before, but it has been hard for me to see that. I have gone through a rough couple of years and have now accepted myself for who I am. A lot of that has been from my husband constantly letting me know and also seeing the gorgeous women of this group and how confident they are! I am so proud to have been chosen to be an ambassador for Sincerely You. My goal is to make sure each and every one of you ladies know how beautiful you are and to never let anyone decide your value! I get told all the time that I am skinny and how could I have flaws, but what matters is how we view ourselves. Every one of us are gorgeous no matter our size and sometimes we just need help seeing it for ourselves."


Confidence. Not many show it, yet everyone has it. We, as women, should show it as often as we can. Our bodies go through hell! Stretching, gaining, losing...we are never satisfied. It's not until someone captures us in our most unexpected state, that we truly see what beautiful & magnificent women we are. Boudoir helps us realize that each of us are exactly that...beautiful & magnificent.

It took me quite some time to be comfortable with my body. After having a child at 19, I thought I'd never be "sexy" or feel it anyways. One day I just realized, I need to feel that way! I need to show my daughter to be confident, not only in her looks but in everything that she does. I have seen so many women of all shapes & sizes just rocking the crap out of their confidence! Women should not be ashamed of themselves. We each have something beautiful to offer the's time for people to see it.

I just like to say how I feel about all this. My teeth aren't straight, I have tons of stretch marks, flabby stomach & arms...but every inch of me is perfect! I just want to be able to empower women with this them that even a woman who has "flaws" is perfect. I cannot wait to begin this journey with these other women, as well. Time to feel sexy!!