Lake Jackson, Texas

Client Spotlight: Candyce | Embrace Boudoir, Brazoria County Photos


In this day, modern beauty standards are terrifying.

You have to look and act a certain way to be "ideal" and I don't agree with that. I have green hair and a few tattoos that stand out against modern societies standard. Although I love my green hair, I have a hard time loving me. No matter how hard I ignore the ideal type, I always find myself comparing my own body to those around me. That is probably the worst thing I could have done to my confidence.


I have even dealt with Alopecia, (a autoimmune disorder that causes chunks of hair to fall out at any time) which is why I keep my hair a crazy color, I want to have fun with it while I have it.


I really lost a lot of confidence over the years especially with not having the ideal body.

Coming into boudoir has helped me gain back this confidence I should have had all along.

This beauty has been here, just hiding from my sight. I told Ash about this and she just reminded me that no matter what, the hair doesn't make the person and I was so beautiful no matter what. She really is incredible. Before my shoot, I would rate my confidence as a 5 on good days, I would act like everything was great but I was not as great on the inside. After my shoot, I feel like I could say my confidence is an easy 8 on the roughest days and higher now on better days. 


I was so very nervous for my shoot. I plenty of time to calm my nerves but I still went in unsure and scared. As Angelina did the amazing job on my make up I was wiggling and fidgeting my feet and they could tell how nervous I was. By the time I was done with hair and make up, Ash had made me feel so confident. She was so fun to be around! 

When I walked into the studio room I was more excited than anything, within minutes of Ash helping me pick which outfits were best, I was only excited and no longer nervous! During photos Ash would direct me and show me exactly how to pose. I felt so sexy and so confident knowing she knew exactly what she was doing. 

I think my favorite part of the whole experience is how I felt.


The way I saw myself changed so much and the way I felt about myself was so great. I never once felt uncomfortable once I walked into Ash's studio, only confident. I had so much fun with Ash and Angelina, they are two lovable and funny girls. Never a dull moment and so much laughter. Ash even put on my favorite music to help ease me into boudoir mode. 

And let me tell you.. Seeing my photos for the first time was liberating and SO EMPOWERING! I couldn't keep my mouth from being open because seeing the photos was literally jaw-dropping! I got excited with each and every photo again and again, I almost couldn't believe it was me! Ash had told me time and time again this was me all along. 

If I could give anyone a piece of advice, I would say take the plunge, dive deep, and never look back!

Do yourself a favor and seek Ash to help you find your inner goddess with boudoir. If you feel any bit nervous, know that Ash will help you feel at ease. Do it for yourself!