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International Women's Day | Embrace Boudoir | Lake Jackson, Texas Boudoir Studio

My mom has been on my mind a lot lately, and this meme gave me the kick I needed to talk to you ladies about this… so here it goes. 

My mom stayed up late the night before she died, excitedly planning a fishing trip. I don’t know why I remember this, it was just something that I never, ever forgot.

I was 23 when I lost her. I’d always loved drawing and the arts growing up, but photography was something I always just enjoyed doing for myself and I never considered it something that I could turn into a career. My mom was only 55 when the cancer won, and I remember thinking: fuck. If I only have 30-some years left to live, I better make the most of it. Less than 3 months later I had moved 1200 miles away and was enrolling (back) into college; I ended up choosing photographic technologies as my major.

In my 2nd semester, one of my professors assigned a self-portrait and I ended up using the self-timer setting to take a picture of myself with a collage of photos I’d spontaneously laid out onto the floor – it was every photo of my mother that I had in my possession.

I realized that day how few photos I had of her. As you can see, it's not many, and most of them are quite old, from the 90s or before. I had just 1 photo printed of my mom from the last SEVERAL years of her life, and not even a handful of “recent” ones on my phone at the time. 

This honestly devastated me, as my mom was such a beautiful woman…

That moment lit a flame inside of me that grew and just kept growing as time went on. Eventually I came across a colleague named Sue whose mentorship would change my life for the better, because our goals were aligned: empower women to exist in photos, for themselves and for their loved ones.

My little flame burned and grew into a passion, and to this day that is still my goal. Every single day, what I’m trying to do here is empower each one of you to take control of your relationship with your body and celebrate it!

We are so hammered down into thinking it’s not okay to love ourselves, and we waste so much time criticizing our bodies that it’s a rarity to slow down and appreciate what we have. This not only damages our relationships with our own bodies, but it teaches those around us that this kind of thinking is okay.. and I want to stop that from happening.

When is the last time that you CONFIDENTLY posed for a photo? Do you hide, or feel like hiding, when someone gets out a camera? Do you look at the resulting photo and instantly start pointing out what’s wrong with yourself in it? I know you do, because I do it and so does everyone else…

We need to break the cycle.

What if I told you that a boudoir shoot will help, in the very least, change your thought processes about your body? Wouldn't that in itself make it worth stepping out of your comfort zone?

Just something to think about.

Good night, ladies. Happy international women's day!