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My 6-inch Scar: Kintsukuroi | Empowering Intimate Photography in Texas



The Japanese art of mending broken pottery with lacquer resin laced with gold or silver. The cracks are merely a symbol representing an event that happened in the life of the object.


"It's going to be about 6 inches long." 

Hearing the surgeon tell me how long the scar was going to be rang in my ears. It hit me right in the gut... I donated 70% of my liver to my stepmothers aunt. I'd never met her, but I was a match. That's all I needed to hear.  

I'm usually nervous to show my scar because of how large it is. I have always been insecure of my stomach anyways, but now I have an eye catching "accent" or "addition" to go on it. To say I was nervous to show it was an understatement. When I gave Ash a rundown on my scar before my original boudoir photo shoot, she told me how cool she thought it was. That gave me a bit of excitement that others wouldn't see it as a "blemish" but a battle scar of hope! 


When Ash told me about this photo shoot and her idea of using kintsukuroi to bind my scar, I was absolutely on-board 100%. Going back into Ash's studio I could feel the positive vibe she gives off, it just absolutely sets you at ease. I felt amazing! That is MY scar that's being showcased as this awesome accent piece! Ash told me how awesome my story and my scar was, and I just felt so powerful. I did something so extreme with my body, and I should be proud of it! I want to show off my scar now! Before, I would only show family or close friends.. or if someone asked.. but now

I feel so confident, I just want to lift my shirt and say, "Hey! I did that and I am amazing!"


Ash is such a beautiful soul who sees the beauty in all of us that we should be seeing in ourselves. I have always had a love for my scar because it's so different and unique, but I was always insecure about what others would think.

Now, I feel like art. I am art. We are art. Art with bodies as a canvas and we are beautiful.

Thank you for helping me learn to love me, Ash.


Concept inspired by Teri Hofford.

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