Lake Jackson, Texas

Client Spotlight: Lillie | Texas Boudoir / Intimate Photography

"This is NOT an experience you only pursue if you are comfortable in your skin. This IS an experience for every person to find the beauty and strength within themselves."


"When I came across Ashlee's page I had just given birth to my second child.

After four years of focusing on empowering women through birth, I realized I was largely pretending I had positive self body image. I was body positive because I knew I was supposed to be. I had yet to make time to empower myself.

With a toddler and a sick infant at home, it was hard to do just that. I felt like I was in a new body, I had never seen myself this size before. I looked so tired, the stress was evident on my face and body."


"I kept telling my husband, "When I lose the baby weight, I am going to do this!"

My husband never accepted that and did all he could to convince me to finally work with Ashlee. 

Even on the day of, I almost turned around to go home."


"I walked in and immediately knew I was not going to regret going. Ashlee has one of those personalities that is so easy to connect with. It felt like I had known her my whole life. For the first two poses I was still winding down from my extremely stressful morning."


"Then there was this moment when it just all clicked. I was singing, laughing, and joking with Ashlee and felt unimaginably sexy."


"This wasn't just about finding my sexuality or giving photos to my husband. This was about capturing moments where I was free. Then I saw my photos! I could not believe that was me! 

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