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Possibly an unpopular opinion? I hope not. | Photography

PSA: If I catch you shaming someone based on their appearance, I will absolutely call you out. 

Image quote found on Pinterest.

Image quote found on Pinterest.

Many of my followers on social media have sent me friend requests, which I love... but sometimes, I see some people saying things that go against everything I believe in as a boudoir specialist. And most of the time I keep scrolling, but when it comes to body or appearance shaming, I WILL speak up. Maybe my opinion is an unpopular one (I hope not). But I believe that we, as humans, can be and do better.

Why do people get off on commenting negatively on others' appearance when a disagreement occurs? Why is this deemed socially appropriate, either in real life or on social media? 

The next time you catch yourself doing this, please - stop yourself. Think about what you are doing. 

It's not okay. It's bullying. How dare you perpetuate negative body image? Isn't it bad enough that we, as humans, have to deal with media and the fashion industry telling us we aren't good enough? Appearance has pretty much nothing to do with someone's intentions as a person, anyway. So lets try to elevate ourselves from this kind of commentary, shall we?

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