Lake Jackson, Texas

Renee | Embrace Boudoir, Lake Jackson TX Photography


I think most women have said they don't like something about themselves. I'm 100% not ashamed to say I'm one of those people.

I will sit for an hour or so at a time on social media like Instagram and Facebook looking at beautiful women with voluptuous bodies. Trying to copy they're make up, or poses in the mirror to look like them. Honestly it just makes me feel worse. I sit and think of ways to look that way, how much will I have to save to get that Brazilian butt lift I want? How many days and hours in the week do I have to exercise to get that body? Should I just take diet pills? Typical woman problem I guess. Finding flaws in myself.


I never post pictures of myself without makeup on any social media and I rarely take pictures of myself any lower than my face. It's sad that's how things are nowadays. Beauty isn't about digging deep or how that girl may be the nicest sweetest person, have the biggest heart, be a great mom, a wonderful wife, be a great cook, make everyone at a gathering laugh more than anyone else. It's about likes and comments, and how great someone looks.

Us women compare ourselves to each other, wish we had her this or her that. That drives me crazy. I think that's a little part of why women don't like each other rather than building each other up.


When I saw Ashlee post on Facebook about mini boudoir sessions I was hesitant and for a second didn't inquire about it.

After a few minutes I convinced myself that I'd go ahead and give it a shot. Father's Day was coming up and it would be a perfect gift for my husband. I ordered two pieces of lingerie and literally the day before the shoot I tried both on in the mirror probably 10 times a piece trying to decide which to wear. At first I found every flaw in the book on myself and a couple times even said you know what, forget it. I'll never look good in either one.


The day of the shoot I woke up with anxiety. My stomach was in knots. Nervous was an understatement. I was terrified.

I spent all day getting ready and once it got closer and closer I felt myself sweating and kept thinking about every way I could mess up this shoot and not look beautiful. But on the drive there I noticed something. I was starting to get a little excited and even anxious to get in front of a camera and show what I could do.

When I got to Ashlee's she opened the door with a big smile and looked just as excited as I did. When it came time to start shooting all my anxiety went away and I peeled off my clothes like nothing to reveal my lingerie underneath, it felt like I've known Ashlee forever.


When I had my reveal and saw my photos I was in awe of myself!

I looked amazing! There I was, that girl who loved to pose, that girl who loved being in front of a camera and poured her sexuality into every picture. I literally looked like I felt while doing my shoot. Ashlee helped me pick away at that negative self body image that was slowly taking over me. She helped me open up, I left telling her thank you a million times without her knowing how desperately I needed that and how I felt like my old self again and how much I hope she knew that she helped with that.

Her boudoir shoots are more than just pictures. They're empowering, they encourage self love. Which if you ask me or any woman that's EXACTLY what we all need right now.

Ashlee is amazing and is great at what she does! I left my boudoir shoot feeling beautiful and sexy and the pictures proved that. She is all about empowering us women to be who we really are, superstars! I felt so comfortable and loved every min!