Lake Jackson, Texas

Stephanie | TX Boudoir

Stephanie is a total bombshell whom I had the pleasure of meeting during Teaser Sessions. Who thinks she needs to come back for a full session with me?! <3 -Ashlee

Lately I was just not feeling as young and beautiful as I once saw myself. So I really wanted to get out of my shell and do a shoot with Ashlee.


I wanted to show myself that I am sexy and just getting better with age!


I was incredibly nervous for my shoot but Ashlee made me feel super comfortable and she guided me the whole way through (also letting me know how great I was doing and how beautiful I looked ;) she even gave me little sneak peaks to confirm her compliments)!


Ashlee BLEW me away! She made me feel EMPOWERED and BEAUTIFUL! And when I got to see my photos...WOW...just WOW! I'm going to need to start an annual SYP fund! .#addictedtoboudoir #imgonnabebroke #sincerelyyouprotraits