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Miss V | Embrace, Lake Jackson, TX


Self love is the greatest

middle finger of all time

To me being sexy is not something I think of when I think of myself. I got married September 2016 and before that I had worked very hard to lose weight. After my wedding, I put on forty plus pounds . I cut my hair and wasn't sure about myself. When Ashlee offered me the chance to remind myself what I really am. At the actual photo shoot I had the amazing experience with her and Jen (Ashlee's colleague and friend who was visiting). They reminded me that my body no matter how much heavier I am, I am fierce ! Before the shoot I had a body confidence of maybe a four. I do feel better, but I am still fighting with myself about it. And I know all women are hard on themselves but I must send these big words. NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK SOMEONE SEES YOU AT PERFECTION!! You need to remember you are perfect.