Lake Jackson, Texas

You don't have to be ready, you just have to be willing | Boudoir Photography, Lake Jackson, Texas


I recently put out a survey to my ladies-only VIP group on Facebook (if you're not in there, come join us!!); one of the questions I posed was:

What is holding you back from booking your life-changing boudoir experience? 

While I expected the leading hold-up might be the investment, I was so wrong. Below are some copy & pasted answers from my survey:

"My insecurities."

"Insecurities and feeling old." 

"Self-esteem issues."

"Self conscious."

"No confidence."

"Self image."

"Confidence.. or lack thereof.."



"Body image."

"My body." 


If you're as heartbroken as I am right now, consider going on social media, tagging a friend and telling them how beautiful they are to you. 

The thing about boudoir is that it can change how you see yourself... when I say it's "life-changing," I'm not bragging about my work... I'm stating a simple truth.

Having insecurities is actually a really great MOTIVATION to book a
boudoir photoshoot. Is it scary? Sure, BUT not NEARLY as scary as you think.

You get to go have that pampering you've been daydreaming about.

You get to play dress up.

Then you get to hang out with me and jam out to your favorite music!! ;)

And honestly, you're going to be too busy listening to me (nicely!) boss you around, so you'll forget what you're wearing. It's actually a lot of fun!!

When you walk away, you get to see your body from a new, outside perspective.

So girl, step outside of your comfort zone for a few hours... and allow me to join you on YOUR journey to self love. And when all is said and done, curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and flip through a luxurious album full of empowerment JUST for you!! <3

You owe yourself the love you
so freely give to others.