Lake Jackson, Texas

This is the best thing I've ever done to boost my self confidence - Laura, 57 | Brazoria County Boudoir Photography

Wow, what can I say about my session? It was an amazing experience.

Before this experience I was doubting myself. Seriously drowning in a sea of negativity when it came to body issues, after all, society tells me I'm old and fat. But, I don't feel old or fat.

Usually I would give myself a quick once-over in the mirror daily and just tell myself I'm OK, but not really believing it. The day of the shoot I was so nervous, but Ashlee helped me to just believe in myself. I felt comfortable, confident and well, just ME! Seeing these pictures of myself was indescribable. I kept saying, "That's me, that's really me!" I love the all my pictures, but especially the Calendar, the adult viewfinder . When I saw those pictures, I felt empowered, beautiful, and free.

Looking at my photos, I've been able to maintain that confidence daily! I am so glad I took that step and I Sooooo very grateful for Ashlee and her helpers! I would highly recommend that you do this for yourself.

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