Lake Jackson, Texas

I was at a solid 3 going in | Embrace Boudoir | Lake Jackson / Houston Texas Photographer

Dear Journal,

Hello again! It’s me, Ashley. Let’s talk about the journey that has been my life.

While I have my moments where I think I’m decent looking, I’ve never considered myself beautiful or sexy. I’ve always found myself at the lower end of beauty standards with hair, makeup, body type, just the whole enchilada! From a young age I was picked on a lot. Little things at first like my freckles, but after being home-schooled for a couple years the little things got bigger. Starting from when I got back I was told I would look better if my breast were bigger. From there it was everything else. Hair, makeup, clothes, was like I got it all wrong all the time.

I graduated early and moved to Austin the very next day. It sounds fun but working every day and not going to school wasn’t wise. I was young, so I tried to keep up with everyone. In doing that, I became very angry and second, or triple guessed everything I did. And the 3 years I lived there had a big impact… on my insecurities. I was never pretty enough, never outgoing enough, I just flat out wasn’t enough!

Fast forward to today. I’m 24 years old and a mother to a cute little girl. She has helped shape me into a more understanding, reliable, and patient person. My daughter is 3 now and my stretch marks are finally lightening up – as for the rest of me, my arms, stomach, legs, and bottom are still jiggly, and I have bad cellulite. I have not “bounced back” even with trying different diets and working out.

It was only the past few years that I’ve finally started to accept myself.

I’ve been wanting to work with Ashlee at Embrace Boudoir ever since I joined the Boudie Tribe group in April 2017. I saw all of her amazing work and just wanted to be a part of it! I was so scared that I was going to be awkward, because I’ve never been good in front of a camera. That was far from how it felt though! She made me feel comfortable and showed me that I was far from awkward!

I was at a solid 3 in my confidence going in... I honestly didn’t give myself time to turn around and back out. When I left I felt like a solid 10 Queen!

Ashlee and Angelina both melted away all my doubts and fears! They both made me comfortable and joked with me and helped me along. That is honestly what I loved most. To anyone thinking about doing this, but think you can’t....DO IT! Your fears and doubts can melt away also with this truly gifted woman. I’ve recommended boudoir to some of my closest friends. And told them about how it helped change me see myself better!