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A Message from Sarah | Brazoria Harris County Boudoir Photographer

Growing up I was always picked on because of my hair color, freckles, & pasty skin.  Being one of the only red heads in school was really hard. Also growing up with my 3 brothers turned me into a tomboy. I never felt like I fit in & the other kids let me know I was different. I started getting bullied in Elementary & it got even worse when I got into High School. The bullying went from just my hair color & skin tone to my weight, the way I dressed & the way I did my hair. I started eating less, tried dressing more feminine, & even tried styling my hair different & wearing makeup but it still didn’t seem to help.  

I started acting out & soon found myself in serious trouble & put on probation. At the time it felt like my life was spiraling out of control. I felt like I was alone & my depression was so bad I was just ready to end it all. Luckily my now husband was there to help me through that tough time in my life. Jump ahead 3 years & we were pregnant with our first son. After having our son I was hit with postpartum depression but was able to jump back from it after a couple months. But after having our second son the postpartum depression hit me extremely hard. I didn’t want to leave the house, & I was disgusted by my mom body. I also was battling with my psoriasis on my scalp, face & hands.  I had started & failed so many diets until I found keto & managed to stay on it for 4 months straight it seemed to help my depression, anxiety & psoriasis. I was able to lose 30lbs but still felt like I was missing something. I had started to hear people close to me were gossiping & saying I looked like I had lost to much weight & that I looked sick. It made me feel so self conscious all over again.  

Around that time is when I had just joined Ashlee’s Boudie Tribe group & was amazed at how nice everyone was. It was hard to believe at first that there were actually women wanting to empower other women. One of the first videos I watched in the group was a self love video & what the woman said hit me hard. She said “The biggest reason people are unhappy these days are because they value somebody else’s opinion more than they value their own.”. It was true at least for me it was.  I always valued what everyone else’s opinion about the way I looked over valuing my own opinion. After realizing that it made me want to make that change to start on a journey of loving myself. At the time Ashlee was giving away a discounted session to whoever won her boudoir game. I thought to myself I’ll play but I doubt I’ll win. I ended up winning & instantly after talking to Ashlee my anxiety hit me & all I could think was “what the heck did I just get myself into” & “how can I get out of this”. My husband helped calmed me down & I could tell he was really excited for me so I decided to go ahead & go through with it.

The day of my session my nerves were so bad but Ashlee instantly put my nerves to ease as we jumped straight into taking pictures. I left feeling so confident & empowered. After my session I decided screw diets. Yes I want to be healthy & I’ll try my best to eat healthy but if I want cookies, cake or sweets in general I’ll eat it & not feel guilty. It took me awhile but I learned it’s not about the number on the scale it’s about how you feel & honestly after gaining 10 plus lbs back I feel so happy & love myself. 

I decided to do another shoot with Ashlee for a surprise for my husbands birthday but unfortunately the flood hit & during that time my husband found out about my shoot but I went ahead & still went through with it. The nerves still hit me but again Ashlee instantly made them go away & made me feel like a badass. I was blown away at my reveal of my two shoots. I couldn’t believe that was me in the pictures. Ashlee did an amazing job & has helped me find what I’ve been looking for in myself for all these years. Ashlee has inspired me to be a better woman & reach out & uplift other women. Doing these two sessions with Ashlee has honestly changed my life for the better! & I can’t wait to book my next all natural session! Thank you so much Ashlee for helping me love myself ☺️💜

Ashlee is one of the nicest people I have ever meet. I can tell that it’s more than just wanting to take pictures & get paid when it comes to Ashlee. She honestly cares about her clients & wants to uplift, empower & help them love themselves. Going into my sessions my nerves hit each time & each Ashlee eased them & made me feel comfortable. Thank you Ashlee 💜

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