Lake Jackson, Texas

Image Released: Explained


Client Privacy is 100% important to me.  Every image that I share is done so with written permission via an image release. I wanted to take a few moments to explain what that is and how it affects you as a boudoir client! 

What is an image release?

An image release is a legal document which allows Embrace Boudoir to share the imagery created at your session in various forms of marketing, such as (but not limited to): portfolio, website, social media, and promotions. This helps the artist display the kind of work they create for the purpose of earning new clients, as well as helping build up body positivity in the community. 

Who has to sign a model release? 

Only BOUDIE CALL clients are required to sign a model release, and even then I am flexible about not displaying photos they aren't 100% comfortable with the pubic seeing. 'Cos I'm just cool like that! Custom session and mini session clients ARE NOT required to sign a model release ~ but it is appreciated!

So that's it! Make sure you're comfy with people seeing your photos before signing an image release, as retracting a release later-on requires an inconvenience fee.