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There always seems to be an excuse to hold off on a boudoir session- you’ve got friends and family that you likely put first. You’ve got goals you wanna reach. You’re a busy bee.

Based on a recent survey in the Boudie Tribe, we asked “How often do you prioritize self care?” Sadly, many people don’t do anything for themselves. “What’s that?” they asked.

It’s time to turn that statistic around!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term “body positivity” - especially since we use it a lot around these parts.

But maybe you’re not quite certain that you belong in that category. Don’t worry! We’re going to clear that up a bit for you! Body positivity is “unlearning the idea that only certain bodies are worth acceptance and praise.” It’s important to note that just because someone is body positive, doesn’t make them immune to societal beauty standards, nor that negative nag in their mind. In moments of self doubt, it’s all about catching yourself in the act and reminding yourself to treat yourself (and others) with kindness! Basically, teaching yourself to be mindful in situations where body image is involved.

So, how does an Empowerment Session
with Embrace help with that?

It’s simple, really. You set aside a day ALL about you (yes, an entire day!), you come in and get pampered, and then we guide you every step of the way through a photoshoot with the intention of smashing (with a metaphorical hammer) those deep-rooted insecurities you’ve got!

You’ve seen yourself in the mirror, you’ve seen yourself in selfies, you’ve seen yourself in pictures snapped by your friends/family, and maybe you’ve even seen yourself in professional family photographs.. but until you’ve seen yourself through the eyes of a boudoir photographer, you haven’t truly seen what you and your body are capable of.

Everyone on the Embrace team knows from personal experience, because we’ve all had our own boudoir sessions (it’s important that we keep ourselves in our clients’ shoes so we can relate!). Here’s what each of us have to say about our own experiences:

Ashlee:Before, I only saw myself as plain. Sometimes I could feel pretty, but I never saw myself as "sexy" or "magazine-worthy." That is until I saw my own boudoir photos! I was yelling, "Holy shit, that's me!" I'm happy to report the confidence I gained from my boudoir sessions has expanded into my daily life! “

Angelina: “I’ve always been told I was pretty; sometimes even beautiful. But I’ve rarely been called sexy. So rarely that when my husband called me sexy- I’d eye-roll and laugh it off in disbelief. But when I saw my images I felt sexy and desirable for the first time. I gained a confidence that I carry with me everyday.“

Keelena: “I honestly couldn't believe that it was me in my own photos. I have never seen myself from this perspective. I was in awe. I saw myself as elegant, and sexy. I secretly even laughed at myself and thought, damn, my husband means it when he says I'm hot!”

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So… What more is there to say?! You deserve it, even if you don’t quite know it yet…

This is your moment to celebrate the beautiful and sensual human being that you are today.

Your journey to self love deserves luxury, and that’s what Embrace Boudoir strives to provide. Every session includes the following: our exclusive prep checklist & lingerie guide, access to our bodysuit closet and accessory armoire, a one-hour photoshoot ft. up to 3 outfit changes, fully-guided posing & direction, as well as your same-day ordering appointment to view your proofs and purchase from our luxury collections!

You can enhance your boudoir experience by adding on our bombshell makeover: get full coverage airbrush foundation, contouring, eye and lip makeup, and optional fake lashes. Or, need a little extra help deciding what to wear? You can also add on a virtual shopping trip with the Ashlee (owner/photographer of Embrace Boudoir) to get the most in-depth outfit guidance!

We offer a variety of payment options.

  1. Pay in full using your Debit Card or Credit Card (most popular!).

  2. Apply for Square Installments; pay us in full and pay Square back on your own time w/ low interest.

  3. Apply for Paypal Credit; pay us in full and pay Paypal back on your own time. 6 months interest-free!

  4. Pre-session payment plans: a contract agreement is required. You’ll have 6 months to make payments; there’s no min/max to the number of payments or amounts you pay, as long as it’s paid off within the time frame! Each individual payment is non-refundable after 24 hours, and you must pay for the full experience plus minimum collection before any service is rendered. A session date is selected once your invoice is paid in-full!

Sessions begin at $300. Luxury Collections range from $999 to $2499.
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