Lake Jackson, Texas

If you are having doubts about booking, don't - Brittani, 21 | SE Texas Boudoir Photographer

If you are having doubts about booking, don’t! JUST DO IT. Trust me you will not regret it.

When I first booked I did not know much about boudoir and I was unsure if I would actually look good on the camera. I was not nervous until I walked up to the door. I was introduced to everyone and I had no clue what to wear, they helped me pick out the best outfits. I got my hair and makeup done and started to talk and felt so comfortable by the time it was time to take my pictures. Ashlee made me very comfortable and when she got a good shot of me she got so excited. She did a great job at helping me position to where it wouldn’t hurt my back. I felt so comfortable and confident with taking pictures. After seeing my pictures my confidence has gone up 100% I feel confident in my skin and about all of my curves.

Growing up I struggled as a kid with my weight, I could never understand what was wrong with me. My dad is a single dad and he raised me and he had no clue how to dress a girl, do hair, makeup, or how to make me feel confident. He tried his best to teach me how to not care what other people think about me but didn’t explain to me that people would make fun of me because of my size. I think with the mindset of not caring what other people think about me helped me so much in life, I never let the bullying or name calling get to me.

When I started dating I was so self conscious about my body and the way it looked. I thought no one would ever want me and I thought I would just be alone forever. In high school all of my friends had boyfriends and I was always single and it was tough thinking no one wanted to be with me because I was bigger.

Well after high school I found the man of my dreams. Tyler made me feel so special and he always complimented my body and how he love every part of my body and never wanted me to change. we have had our ups and downs but he definitely makes me feel like it’s okay to be myself I should never change no matter what people say. He proposed to me 11/25/2018 and we are getting married in 2020. Never did I think any of this would happen, give it time and you will find yourself and the right one will come when you are ready!