Lake Jackson, Texas

I let what the world and other people said about me change my own image of myself - Krystal, 33 | Lake Jackson, Texas Photography

My weight has fluctuated a lot since having children and is currently the highest it’s ever been. It’s difficult living in a world that body shames and puts celebrities (who have trainers and surgeons at their disposal!) on display 6 weeks postpartum with perfect bodies!

I let what the world and other people said about me change my own image of myself. I got divorced last year and that just plummeted my self worth even lower than it had been. I have been on the path to rediscovering myself for some months now. I have a healthy relationship with a man who encourages me, a counselor, and a new motivation to love myself.

I was going to wait to do this photo session until I was “where I wanted to be” physically. That is, until I read Ashlee’s website where it says, “work on loving yourself rather than perfecting yourself.” I knew the sooner the better. Not only did I change my mind, but a spot opened up for me to book a shoot almost immediately. I knew it was fate.

I cannot describe how amazing it made me feel about myself! I have walked around more confident! Ashlee and Keelena made me feel comfortable and we laughed and there was no shaming and no judgment, just a good time feeling good! I would recommend everyone make this investment in themselves! You will NOT regret it!

This truly is an investment in yourself! Ashlee is so talented and such a fun person to be around that will not feel uncomfortable at all, and you will leave feeling empowered! I have never felt better about myself! The dedication that goes into her work is evident in the time spent with her and the quality of her art! I am so, so, ridiculously pleased and I don’t have enough good things to say!