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I tried finding love in toxic relationships - Brooke, 23 | Houston Boudoir Photographer

My experience with all beauty standards was I had to be thin to be pretty. My whole life everyone focused on my weight and if I wasn’t in shape enough I wasn’t worthy of feeling beautiful. If I just got down to a certain sizes then BAM my life would be perfect, but that’s not how it works. No one explained to me that how you are as a person, your values, are what make you beautiful not your size and I’m still struggling with that. I tried finding love in toxic relationships where I was only worthy of love and happiness if they deemed so or if they were happy, and it always them putting me down and twisting it to where it was ALWAYS my fault. I never did anything right, I was lazy, I didn’t do this or that when I tried everything I could and that in itself should’ve been enough.

My biggest fear was not getting a good picture and that did not happen! Haha when I saw the pictures for the first time I said “holy S H I T I am HOT!” And I’ve never seen myself as sexy or hot, just cute and bubbly. Girl next door cute not super model sexy. Now I’m like helllllll yeah, I am sexy and I work it and I DESERVE everything good in the world and I shouldn’t settle for anything less.

My favorite part of the shoot was honestly meeting Ashlee and her team, and getting to talk about my experience with Ashlee one on one. We talked for a good hour about our experiences and we had a lot in common and it was amazing for her to be able to guide me and give me advice in life in general, I’m so glad to have met her.

I got my make up done as well and DAMN the red lip that I didn’t think I could pull off was on point 👏🏻👏🏻 I loved my make up.

If you need a confidence booster or just want to do a fun photo shoot that’ll bring you a new perspective of yourself then what are you waiting for!? Book your session!!

I already told my best friend to book it and it was worth every penny 😂😂 it was the best experience of my life and I can’t wait for my next shoot.

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