Lake Jackson, Texas

Emily, 22 | Empowerment Session | Houston Area Boudoir Photography

I am so excited and honored that a handful of images from Emily’s session was published in the annual body issue of Philocaly Magazine! Grab your copy right here, and follow them on Facebook!

Here’s what Emily has to say about her experience:

I think that society had definitely created a standard for what is “beautiful” and acceptable. Even plus size models have a certain body type that is deemed acceptable, and I’ve never fit that standard. For a long time I was really unhappy with the way I looked, but as I’ve grown as a person and become who I am today I’ve realized that none of that really matters as long as I love myself. It took me loving myself for who I am before I could start to love the way I look. Self-worth is absolutely not skin deep. Realizing who you are as a person and acknowledging all of the things that make you the bad ass woman that you are on the inside is, in my opinion, the first step in confidence. How can you love your outward appearance if you don’t first take the time to love the woman you are on the inside? Cliché, I know, but I truly believe that self love starts on the inside.

I still have my own struggles with the way I look some days, but seeing my boudoir photos for the first time was incredible. I don’t spend much time on my appearance because of my job and the demanding hours, so it’s not often that I feel ‘pretty’. That’s not exactly something that bothers me, my job is stressful and strenuous at times and I’m constantly moving; I don’t have time to touch up make up and hair or worry about how I look on a 36 hour shift. I’m totally cool with that. But I’m so glad I took the time to get glam and take a couple hours to focus on me for this shoot, it was refreshing!

Overall my experience was so positive! I felt comfortable the entire time, which is saying a lot because I’m the definition of a shy introverted person. Ashlee was great about giving positive feedback and making me feel like I was rocking the shoot. I’m sure I will definitely be booking another session in the future!

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