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Boudoir Guide

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—  Empowerment sessions  —

Boudoir is for the babe who wants to smash society’s bullshit standards and celebrate their body.
You don’t have to be confident to do a session, just brave enough to show up. We’ll really strip away
your insecurities with these sessions - you’ll be skipping away with confidence before you even see your photos!

Here’s an idea of what to expect when you book a boudoir session with AGPF:


Ashlee, Owner & Photographer

Ashlee, Owner & Photographer

Keelena, Boobsistant & Batch Editor

Keelena, Boobsistant & Batch Editor

Angelina, Makeover Artist

Angelina, Makeover Artist

Robin, Makeover Artist

Robin, Makeover Artist


I promise to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for all body types and to challenge cultural and societal beauty ideals. I promise to celebrate a wide variety of body types,
colors, ages, ethnicity, genders, abilities, sexual orientations, religions, classes, and other human attributes on this website and within my social media
in an attempt to improve the variation of body types that we standardly see in the photography industry/media.

—  The Studio  —

Featuring up to 5 sets including the bed, couch, corner, wall, and floor. I also offer shoots in-home or on location!


—  For Your Benefit  —


The Babe Coalition

I’m rebuilding my 5k community from scratch (quality over quantity!) Celebrate body neutrality and diversity in my online VIP community on Facebook. Click here to join now!


3-in-1 Dream Shoot Planner + Questionnaire

My exclusive body image workbook, prep checklist, and lingerie guide. Plus, a questionnaire to get to know you, what makes you YOU, and what you would like from your session!

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I have an in-house backup collection of a variety of lingerie (mostly bodysuits with some two pieces) ranging from sizes XS to 2X. Make sure to bring a nude & a black thong to wear underneath! Additionally I have a limited collection of necklaces and more importantly BODY JEWELRY you can borrow as well! Plus, you can reach out through email for additional styling help any time.



As your dedicated boudoir specialist, I know just how to pose you to capture your most radiant self! You don't have to do any research before your session, because that's literally my job. That being said, if you see a pose in my portfolio that you'd like to recreate just for you, tell me!

—  Experience Timeline  —

  • I only book 4 boudoir sessions per month. I am typically booked up to 3 months in advance, so don’t wait to get in touch!

  • I highly recommend taking the full day off to celebrate yourself and enjoy your boudoir experience from start to finish.
    NO going back to work afterward! End the day by treating yourself to a nice dinner or going out with a loved one/friend!

  • Sessions take place at 10 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, limited Saturdays (for a fee).

  • The bombshell makeover (if booked) lasts approximately 90 minutes.

  • Photo shoots typically last 60-90 minutes.

  • You can earn a sneak peek by leaving a review of your experience on Google, Facebook, or The Babe Coalition group!

  • Barring any unusual circumstances, galleries are delivered within 30 days and luxury artwork (if ordered) is delivered within 60 days.


—  Frequently Asked Questions  —

  1. I don't have the confidence to do this... You don't have to be confident to come in, you just need to be brave. Empowerment sessions are a wonderful first step on your journey to body neutrality and love.

  2. I'm not a lingerie kinda babe, can I still do a boudoir shoot? Abso-freaking-lutely! It's all about what makes YOU feel good.

  3. Can I do a boudoir shoot if I’m …. {insert descriptor here}? DO IT! Empowerment sessions are for every BODY. You can feel happy and look amazing in the body you have RIGHT NOW, regardless of whatever it is you’re self conscious about. These things are not exclusive of each other!

  4. Do I need to bring my own lingerie? Where and when should I shop? The sooner the better - don’t wait until the week before your shoot! Not only do I have a small selection of in-house lingerie to borrow from, I will send you my exclusive prep & lingerie guide once you’ve booked your session! This includes information such as what you should think about leading up to your session, appointments to consider making, what type of lingerie works for what purpose, what NOT to wear, and places to shop!

  5. WILL YOU SHARE MY IMAGES? I respect your privacy, always! The photos you see me sharing are done so with written permission (an image release, a separate form than the session contract). Only “boudie call” clients are required to sign one - otherwise your photos will be kept private. You can also choose to only allow anonymous images to be shared, if you so desire.

  6. How much is this gonna cost me? Well, I’m not a cannibal so rest assured you get to keep your arm and your leg! That being said, boudoir is an INVESTMENT - not just in the experience, but in yourself- how you view yourself, hold yourself, your self love. And that’s absolutely priceless! Most clients spend an average of $1200 - Please inquire for a personalized quote!