Saying that Ashlee was amazing would be an understatement. While I was extremely nervous arriving for my shoot, it didn’t take long for me to relax and open up. Ashlee opened a door I didn’t know existed inside of me and let the sexy beast out! I could not be happier with my images and I can’t wait for another shoot!
— Lauralee

If you’ve never done a boudoir shoot...BOOK ONE IMMEDIATELY! It’s so crazy how you can go from feeling nervous about your body to feeling like the sexiest woman on the planet! Ashlee brings that out in you!! We are all beautiful & deserve to feel that way about ourselves (regardless of what society tells us) This was the best decision I ever made!!!!
— Kristina

Ashlee is such a fantastic photographer! I’ve had the pleasure of having her photograph me and it was nothing short of wonderful. She is so great at directing, there is NO guessing what I should do with my hands or where I should look. She’s such a sweetheart too- LOVE!!
— Jennifer

I just had my first boudoir photo shoot and it was amazing! Angelina did a great job on my make-up and hair, making me look unbelievable. Ashlee was fantastic! I was so nervous walking in but Ash made me so comfortable and made feel beautiful!
— Donna

I had a great experience working with Ashlee! She was patient with me the whole time and really helped me step out of my comfort zone. I’ve had two sessions with her so far and I can’t wait for my third. Such an amazing experience every time!! I feel right at home the moment I walk through the door.
— Monica

I have had TWO amazing shoots with Ashlee. The first one I was doing as a gift for my boyfriend. At time of my shoot things were a little rough & I rescheduled. I debated on cancelling. Then realized I needed to do the shoot for ME. It helped me so much seeing myself in a new light & for the first time ever I felt absolutely beautiful! Fast forward they did make an awesome gift, but let’s be real, I needed them more than he did. Two years later I had a boudoir maternity session & it was incredible! I think pregnancy is such a beautiful thing & it was so uplifting and special to capture that time in my life. Ashlee is body positive & strives on capturing your uniquely you. She’s loving, caring, funny, talented, smart, and inspiring.
— Ashley C

Doing the photoshoot with Ashlee was an amazing experience! I’ve always been self conscious, but she knew exactly how to make me realize my worth. She’s super professional, fun to talk with, and great at what she does! It was almost hard to believe how comfortable I was during the whole thing. She talks you through the poses, makes little jokes to help you relax, and takes plenty of time to make everything work for you. Thank you, Ashlee! I can’t wait to do another shoot!
— Amanda

I don’t even know where to start I did one session with Ashlee that absolutely changed my life and my point of view about myself! She’s an amazing human and photographer who will make you feel amazing the whole time. Literally melted all my insecurities away. Why are you still reading?! Go get your own session!!
— Liz

Ashlee is the absolute best!!! I was so nervous when I setup my shoot with her. The shoot itself was so much fun and exciting. When I left I had so much confidence and when I saw my photos I had no words. I’ve taken the confidence from that shoot with me. I feel better about my body, and everything. To anyone thinking they can’t do a shoot, I believe 1000% that you can.
— Ashley L

This was one of the most empowering things I have ever done! Initially I was so nervous and insecure but Ashlee made me feel so comfortable and sexy. I gave the pictures to my husband as a gift and he said it was the best gift he has ever received besides our children but honestly I think it was the best gift I’ve given myself in a long time. Everyone should do it if not for their spouse than definitely for yourself!
— Christina

Ashlee was absolutely amazing! I felt so comfortable which to some it could be kind of hard to do when your in lingerie 😂 but she made me feel right at home! She is all about empowering us ladies and showing us from an outsider prospective how beautiful you are! This was exactly what I didn’t know I needed!
— Deeann

I have never met a stranger that made me so comfortable in my own skin so quickly. Doing a shoot with Ashlee was one of the best things i’ve done for myself. Thank you Ashlee for giving me that confidence boost i needed. You da best!
— Mia

5 star’s isn’t enough for Ashlee’s work she’s amazing! I was terrified when I first wrote her to book my session which was a few months after I had my fourth child. Right away she wrote me back and made me understand how everything was going to go what I need to do to prepare. She even offered to call me the day before if I was getting to nervous so she could reassure me that I was gonna rock it! When I arrived to her house she was already pumping me up! Angelina’s work is phenomenal she made me feel so beautiful and asked me what i wanted instead of just doing whatever it was really nice to feel incontrol a little. Once I got to the room Ashlee and her boob assistant lol had me laughing and feeling so sexy! I honestly felt like a renewed woman when i left her house! It sounds crazy but its true! I will ALWAYS recommend theses awesome ladies! My pictures made me cry and I still stare at them amazed that its really me! Lol sorry it’s so long. Just take the leap guys you wont be disappointed I promise!
— Samantha

To be honest. I’ve always had an issue or two with a different part at some point. Being pregnant and doing something like this felt risky, but i feel my body was at its best! 4 babies and 1 in heaven, as a woman I need to be proud of what my body can do! Pregnant or not, we need to be proud of what we can do as females! I was told i was going into labor a week before my scheduled session and Ashlee was so kind enough to get me in! With that being said,I was so stressed and so rushed, none of my planned outfits came in,I was freaking out! I cried! I cried alot, no lie! So nervous! I got to the studio and all these ladies at Embrace made me sit and relax! I tried not to think about the session,I sat at was getting my makeup done! ENJOY IT! Ashlee and Keelena were so caring and helpful, Ashlee walked me through every pose and breath,literally! My best advise is, If not now, when? If you don’t reach for it, someone else will! Stop over thinking and just do it! You are your worst critic and you will surprise yourself
— Kylee

Ashlee’s work is gorgeous. She truly believes all women deserve to see the beauty and strength in themselves. And she will hell you do that, no matter your size, age, or hangups. Her and her team are empowering, sweet, and knowledgeable. They will make you look and, most importantly, feel like a bombshell goddess long after the shoot is over. Join her Embrace Boudie Tribe on Facebook now, even if you don’t book a shoot, it’s a wonderful community of supportive women!
— Sasha